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YPRS Editorial Services is a premier literary agency working with authors to publish stories where the leading characters are reflective of the Black community. From editing to publishing, to marketing, we will hone your manuscript to perfection; providing you with a final product that has been refined and tailored to your target reader.

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How To Go From
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Imagine one day reading a book and you get an idea for a story that will bring a unique voice to that genre. You spend the next few weeks excitedly writing down your thoughts but then you get to the end and ask yourself, “what now?”

As a published author myself, and having worked with authors who have written sci-fi, finance, self-help, and children’s books, I can answer that question for you.

Allow me to share a roadmap that you will find useful on the journey in my free eGuide “How To Go From Penned to Published in 5 Steps.

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Comprehensive Editing

This service is for writers who have put their thoughts down on paper and need it reviewed, in depth, line by line for content rewrite, character mapping, etc.

Copy Editing

This service is for confident writers looking to have their work reviewed for minor corrections such as spelling and grammar.


This service is a final once over of your manuscript after it has been printed in its final format but before mass production.

7 tips proven to help you

Navigate Through the Initial Stages of Writing a Book

When you sit down to write your first book ever, you may be confused about the process and how to get started.

These 7 tips are a great place to begin.